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This machine was SOLD in 2009.   However this page will remain, to show how it was originally offered for sale.

Below are pictures taken from every angle. If you are on a dial-up connection they will take a while to load. I have included close-ups of the worst areas of this game. Other than those areas shown below, this R360 is in excellent condition, complete and operational. See my website at for details on my other games including a fully restored R360 that I sold (which had a complete mechanical and electrical restoration). I created a "Terms Of Sale" document to answer most of the questions that a buyer might have. You can view this Microsoft WORD document by clicking HERE. It has relevant information including power requirements needed and some suggestions for shipping.

Please contact me for current price and availability of this R360. I will sell it "as-is" or fully shopped and guaranteed 100% working. The pictures below that show damaged or worn pieces also include the price for a new replacement part from Sega. These were the prices a few years ago when I checked. Current price and availablity would need to be verified by a Sega parts distributor. Each price will be added to the total cost of the game if you want me to replace them. I will provide free technical support to the buyer of this machine by phone and email after the sale, weather I do the work or not.

Here is the front of the game. It's in good shape, not abused and has always been kept inside.

R360 Front View

This is a close-up of the base at the front of the game. Two of the red light assemblies are broken. This happened when the game was removed from an arcade several years ago. These will cost $95 each to replace. The gray mat in the center of the picture is pressure sensitive. If someone stands on this mat while the game is in operation, the cockpit stops and a loud buzzer sounds. Movement resumes when the pressure is removed. The top surface of this mat has an extra layer of material added (by the previous owner) over the original mat. It looks good and it works as-is, but if you want a brand new mat Sega's price is $350.

R360 Base View

Left side. There are some dings and scratches in the paint at the base of the game. These can be touched up easily. For a game of this size and weight, the only damage to it is on the cover panels at the base of the machine.

R360 Left Side

Right side. More dings and paint scratches at the base. However, the cockpit, graphics, frame and decorative cover plastics are in excellent condition.

R360 Right Side

Rear of the game. The big "R360" logo on the Cockpit is backlit by a circular fluorescent lamp. There are also 3 halogen spot lights mounted around the base that shine up at the cockpit and orange lights that flash around the cockpit's outer diameter. These lights along with the red fluorescent lamps in the base add a dramatic effect and visual attraction to the game.

R360 Rear View

Front view of the Attendant's tower. The case is in great shape. There is one small chip in the wood at the very bottom, right in the center of the cabinet. I can glue it down before the buyer takes delivery, if so desired.

R360 Attendant's Tower Front

Left side of the Attendant's tower. A small chip of blue is missing from the access door.

R360 Attendant's Tower Left

Right side of the Attendant's tower. I was told by Sega that they always removed the coin gear as the games entered the USA because it should never be operated unattended.

R360 Attendant's Tower Right

A close-up of the control panel on the Attendant's tower. The smoke colored plexi-glass access cover is broken and is being held together with clear shipping tape. New covers are $35 from Sega. It could also be made from a 1/8" thick piece of plastic for a lot less money.

R360 Control Panel

This is the cockpit. The small door on the rear wall has a lot of paint loss and could be repainted. The cloth of the red shoulder pads are starting to crack and could be replace if you really want the game to look brand new. An upholstery shop could make new pads for $90 each. Notice that all of the stickers and graphics are in good condition.

R360 Cockpit Door

Monitor is in excellent condition with no scratches or screen image "burn-in". The black speaker covers on each side of the joystick show wear and could use painting.

R360 Cockpit Monitor

Floor of cockpit. All mats are intact. The seat has some wear on the left side where the player crawls in and out. An upholstery shop could have this professionally recovered for around $300. I recovered the seat in the other R360 that I have for sale and it turned out great. Click HERE to see it. A recovered seat combined with new shoulder pads and some touch up paint really makes the cockpit look new again.

R360 Cockpit Floor

This is a close-up side view of the chest plate that is part of the restraint harness. The red cloth and foam pad on the bottom are worn and the gray plastic cover on top is cracked. The bottom can be re-upholstered for $85 and the plastic can be purchased new from Sega for $120.

R360 Harness

The joystick is complete. The gray plastic cover under the joystick is in good condition. These are usually broken on other R360's. Although I would not replace it, they can be purchased new from Sega for $95.

R360 Joystick

This is the top of the cockpit that shows the decorative motor cover panels. They are in good shape. The motor and drive wheel are fine. A spare wheel can be ordered from Sega if desired.

R360 Cabinet Top

Here is the bottom of the cockpit. The rainbow of colors that you see are from a silver/metallic prism material that is mounted all around the outside of the game. Also, the three orange "teardrop" shaped plastics have lights behind them. These orange light assemblies are mounted all around the outside perimeter of the cockpit. They pulse on and off during game play and in attract mode.

R360 Cabinet Bottom

Here she is, almost ready for the long journey overseas. The Estonian Aviation Museum wanted a fully enclosed crate to protect the R360 while in transport. Once I attached the front side to this crate, the machine was entombed...

R360 in Crate

On shipping day, moving the crate from my shop to the 40 foot sea container.

R360 in Crate

All in place and ready to go (with only inches of clearance to spare). The container doors were closed and a seal was placed on one door. The seal remains on the door until the container arrives in Estonia and is inspected by customs. From my shop in Santa Maria, the R360 is taken by truck down to Long Beach, California, where it gets placed on a rail car and hauled by train to Texas. From there, it leaves the Golf of Mexico on an ocean-liner and sails down around the tip of Florida, up the Atlantic ocean, over to the Baltic Sea, and finally to the sea port of Tallin, Estonia. Have a happy cruise!

R360 in Crate

NOTE: Parts availability and prices quoted above are subject to change. They were valid when this page was written, but that was a few years ago.

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