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This machine was SOLD in 2007.   However this page remains unchanged, to show how it was originally offered for sale.

Below are pictures taken from every angle. If you are on a dial-up connection they will take a while to load. This R360 is in excellent condition, complete, operational and fully restored. See my website at for details on my other R360's. I created a "Terms Of Sale" document to answer most of the questions that a buyer might have. You can view this Microsoft WORD document HERE. It has relevant information including power requirements needed and some suggestions for shipping.

Here are a few pictures of the game overall. It's in excellent condition, not abused and has always been kept inside. The big "R360" logo on the back side of the cockpit is backlit by a circular fluorescent lamp. There are also three halogen spot lights mounted around the base that shine up at the cockpit and orange lights that flash around the cockpit's outer diameter. These lights along with the red fluorescent lamps in the base add a dramatic effect and visual attraction to the game.

R360 Front View

R360 Rear View

R360 Base View

Three pictures of the Attendant's tower. I was told by Sega that they always removed the coin gear as these games entered the USA because it should never be operated unattended.

Attendant's Tower Front

Attendant's Tower Rear

Attendant's Tower Controls

A few pictures of the monitor. There is no burn-in, the image is clear and bright. I removed the monitor and cleaned it's chassis PCB. No signs of heat stress or component damage. The last picture shows the cockpit with the monitor removed.

R-360 Cockpit

R-360 Monitor Front View

R-360 Monitor Rear View

R-360 Cockpit

An access cover panel (before and after). I replaced the broken cover panel with a brand new piece.

Monitor Cover Before

Monitor Cover After

A view of the cockpit electronics. This is covered by an access panel and is not visible. All components and electrical connections are clean and tight.

R-360 Cockpit Electronics

This is the "Slipring" assembly. There are two of these units in the game. One at the top of the Attendant's tower and one in the cockpit. Together, they bring all the electrical signals into and out of the cockpit while allowing it to spin 360 degrees in every direction. Both assemblies were dismantled, cleaned, adjusted, reassembled and lubricated with a thin coating of conductive grease on the electrical contacts.

R-360 Slip Ring Assy

The remaining pictures are all part of the "Restraining System" (that keeps the player locked in nice and tight during game play). There is a picture of the seat and shoulder pads (before and after). The seat was reupholstered with the original colored fabric. The shoulder pads were purchased new from Sega. Also shown is the seat belt and brake handle assemblies. All have been cleaned, inspected, and adjusted for proper operation. The last picture is the cockpit with the seat removed.

R-360 Seat Before

R-360 Seat After

R-360 Seatbelt Assy

R-360 Seatbelt Assy

R-360 Seatbelt Handle Assy

R-360 Cockpit

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