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Brand New Reproduction Safety Mats for the R-360, - Built to Modern OSHA Safety Standards.

These are new production mats that I designed. They are "Form, Fit, and Function" replacements for the original mats that came with the R-360. These mats are built in the USA and conform to modern OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations. They are industrial quality safety mats that operate (close their switch contacts) when a force of 15 pounds is placed anywhere on their surface. So they take less force to activate than the original Sega mats, yet they're strong enough to drive a goft cart over.

Below are a few pictures of my mats. They are made from a very durable plastisol rubber material, so they are not weak and flimsy like the original Sega mats. I had the rubber supplier match the original gray of the R-360 cabinet, so they accent the machine very nicely.

Other benefits include:
1) Water proof and resistant to many chemicals and ordinary liquids.
2) Direct replacements for Sega part numbers RRR-0001, RRR-0002, RRR-0003, and RRR-2024.
3) Proper connector is mounted on the end of each cable. No modification to the R-360 is required.
4) Each mats comes with a full two year replacement warranty from the manufacturer.
5) The perimeter mats come with metal edging that can be cut to size and drilled as needed for anchoring into the ground. Using these metal edges will give the mats a more finished and professional look. They eliminate the trip hazard by providing a gentle sloping curve from the floor to the top mat surface. They hold the mats firmly in place and they become part of the active mat surface. Stepping on these metal edges will also activate the switch contacts inside the mats and stop the motion of the R-360. Using these metal edges is completely optional, but I think they are a stylish improvement over the original Sega mat design.

Safety Mats RRR-0001, RRR-0002, and RRR-0003

Safety Mats Two mats in position around the R-360

RRR-2024 Safety Mat RRR-2024

Prices are as follows:

A single mat (any part number) is $2,700.00.

A full set of nine mats is $19,850.00.
This set includes eight mats that make up the "octagon shaped perimeter" around the base of the R-360 cabinet, and the ninth mat, which is located on the R-360 base platform where you step up into the cockpit.

The above prices include a one-time "setup charge" which is required each time an order is placed. If multiple sets are ordered at the same time, the price per set will be drastically reduced because the setup fee is only charged once for each production run. Contact me for a quote if you're interested in more than one set.

I also sell the two-pin connector that goes on the cable of each mat. They are the correct mating connectors to the original connectors on the R-360 base. Price is $35.00 per connector, $100.00 for 4pcs, or $185.00 for a full set of 8pcs. The ninth mat (outside the cockpit) uses a different connector.

Please contact me if you have any questions,
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